How Should A Resume Look? How To Make Good Looking Resume’s (Free and Easy Templates).

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I said that this would be a video topic last week. I have made the video, but it will actually be uploaded on Engineered Truth's channel on October 9! So I am looking forward to that. I know a lot of students are searching for internships and jobs right now. So, I decided I would make this into a blog article for now. 

One of the most common questions job seekers ask is: how should a resume look? Because today's job market is so competitive, it's important to have a unique resume. Something that is professional and easy to read, but still unique. I recently stumbled across a site called “Novoresume”. I am not sponsored by them but I think they are one of the best sites to make good looking resumes. They offer lots of templates and formats that are easy and free to use. Content is king, but design can be considered queen. If you use one of the resume templates on Novoresume, you can focus on the content instead of a nice design. Just my $0.02. 

01 | Multiple Features

Novoresume offers several great features such as:

  • Ability to easily switch from one template to another
  • Multilingual resumes
  • Different formats to highlight your strengths (whether that be your education, work experience, or personal projects)
  • Optimized for most application tracking systems (ATS)
  • Can easily be downloaded as a PDF

02 | Clean Design

Novoresume offers plenty of clean and professional designs. Here are two example resumes from their Facebook page:


03 | Designing Your Resume

3A. Header


The first thing to take a close look at is the header (not the section). The header showcases all of the different customization opportunities. I'll go over the most important ones. 

3B. Fonts

Novoresume allows you to select 1 of 4 different fonts:

  • Ubuntu
  • Raleway
  • Amble
  • Roboto

I imagine each font was selected because it's easy to read and looks professional. Here is a closer look at the different fonts:









3C. Themes

Growing up, I remember hearing that color was always a big no-no on resumes. However, I think in today's day and age that color can add a unique touch to a resume as long as it looks elegant and professional. Novoresume does a good job because they only use a few colors.  Here is a closer look at their color palettes:


As you saw before, I like to stick with the classic black color. But here is a look at my resume in different colors:


3D. Layout

Novoresume also provides 3 different layouts so that you can emphasize your specific strengths. The first and third layouts are best if you want to highlight your work experience with a secondary focus on your education. The only difference is that layout 3 has extra sections like certificates, and organizations.

Layout #1

Layout #1

Layout #3

Layout #3


Layout 2 is a good choice if you have strong personal project or volunteer experiences that you want to highlight above your education.

Layout #2

Layout #2


3E. Skills & Competencies

One really neat feature is the skills & competencies section. There are several bars that you can slide around to show how proficient you are in a particular skill.


04 | Conclusion

So yeah, that's just a quick overview of Novoresume. I thought many of you would find the site useful. Thanks to everyone who signed up for the newsletter at the bottom of the site. I appreciate it and hope to provide you with a lot more value in the future. I won't officially start sending out e-mails until the list gets a little bigger (so sign up if you haven't >=]). Until next time!