10 Website or YouTube Channels Every Engineering Student Should Know

The following video contains some useful websites, Youtube channels, or resources that every engineering student should know about. Some websites, blogs, and youtube channels are specifically for engineering students. Others are for any student, but you may still find them useful in engineering. 

1. PatrickJMT

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of engineers, mathematicians, and physicists owe a thanks to PatrickJMT for helping them to pass all their calculus and linear algebra classes. He’s one of the best teachers online and can easily take complex topics and break them down into simpler terms. I remember I would always watch his videos while working on math assignments. 

2. Pauls Online Math Notes

Paul is a teacher at Lamar University. His site has detailed, yet easy to understand, notes on Algebra, Calc 1, Calc 2, Calc 3, and differential equations. Just like PatrickJMT, a lot of engineers will contribute a part of their success to Pauls Online Math Notes. 

3. Structurefree

OH man, from my first year all the way to my final year, I got a lot of help from this youtube channel. Structure free is a Youtube channel taught by a professor at the University of the Pacific. He’s also a licensed engineer with degrees in civil/structural engineering. A lot of his videos are on the topics of statics, civil, and structural engineering. Even in mechanical engineering I had a few courses on statics, and mechanics of materials so I found his channel very helpful. In the first year of engineering most students struggle with statics, so I would highly recommend this channel to help you through that course. 

4. Learn Chem E

Learn Chem E is another really useful engineering YouTube channel like Structure Free. Contrary to their YouTube channel name, many engineering disciplines besides chemical engineers will find their channel useful. They provide insightful videos on topics like thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and heat transfer. 

5. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a really powerful online calculator. It can do integrals, even complex ones like double and triple integrals. It can also do differentiation of complex functions. It’s a useful tool for checking over some of your homework problems. For example, you can type in definite integral into the search bar, and then fill out the function, variable, lower limit, and upper limit. You can even do things like multiply matrices. Seriously, bookmark this page because you will probably use it a lot during your degree.

6. TalentEgg

TalentEgg advertises themselves as a place to find internships, and entry level jobs. I’ve never actually applied for a job there. I usually go on that site to look at company interviews. For example, if you search up Shell, you can see tips from insiders or their HR on how to improve your chances of getting a job at that company. So, I usually visit TalentEgg before creating a resume and applying at a company in order to get some insight on that company.  

7. Engineered Truth

Engineered Truth is a YouTube channel that provides honest and realistic career advice. It’s ran by Matt Tran who studied Mechanical Engineering at Cal State Long Beach. While his channel talks about many different careers, there are lots of good and realistic videos about what it’s like to work as an engineer. 

8. Grammarly

So grammarly is a website where you can copy and paste your writing and get your grammar checked. This will be really useful for report writing and any writing classes you may take in post-secondary. It’s also good for checking the grammar in your cover letters when you go to apply for jobs.

9. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is another writing tool. You can copy and paste your work, and Hemingway editor will give you an idea of how easy or hard it is to read. It can help you take a complex essay and make it easy to understand for a fifth grader. Because of this, you have to use your own discretion with Hemingway. It’s main goal is to help you write more concisely and simply. If you take an english class, your professor may not appreciate you writing in such simple terms. On the other hand, when you’re writing a highly technical report, writing in simpler yet accurate terms can be a benefit. I also use this to help write concise and simple cover letters. So this is definitely a tool worth checking out and to have in the back of your mind. 

10. EngineeringWorth

This is my site and YouTube channel. If you’re not a subscriber you should subscribe because I constantly post study, productivity, and job hacks for students. 

This isn’t an extensive list but just 10 sites I had at the top of my head. If you enjoyed the video be sure to like it, comment, and subscribe to my channel. If you know some sites that every engineer should know, let me know in the comments. 

Updated on January 22, 2017: I've decided to start compiling all helpful resources on a single page that you can check out here